Why Do We Care?

Some people are movies people - others aren't. You may realize EndRating is needed the next time you sit through a movie and then in the last minute the entire world it created comes crashing down. We enjoy a good movie, something that inspires us or makes us think about something in some new and original way. We like to leave a movie better off than we came. This isn't to say an ending has to be some perfect happy go lucky escapade, but why ruin a movie in the last minute? Has anyone ever seen Layer Cake - great movie/worst ending. There are a million ratings sights all dedicated to rating the entire movie. They are almost never right. We care about a clever idea, a solid and interesting plot, and then an amazing ending. We want to be there the next time you sit down, find a movie with a ton of actors or actresses you know, but you're weary because you've never heard of it. I wonder if this ends badly you might think. We will resolve this concern.